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Rainy gloomy 5-way intersection

After long and hard thoughts, I left an organization that I’ve dedicated the better half of my college career to, and I thought to share something I have learned about myself through the struggles with the decision.

An organization attracts talents through its reputation and its culture. Through my interview processes during the past couple of co-op cycle, the most successful ones and the ones that left the best impression on me are the organizations that focus on their people. When my friends ask me if I’m happy with where I am, I say yes. My supervisors check in with…

The eardrum-tearing sirens stopped.

He was lifted off the ground by a medic. He was still laughing hysterically. He thought, what used to be two medics job, according to those documentaries, are now easily done by one person, with robotics arms assisted beds. He passed out after that thought.

Hours later, he woke up to a room filled with fainted yellow light. A pot of white opulent orchid in the corner is looking a bit eerie with the light reflecting off the pedals. He stared at the plant, wondering if that was a real plant or not.

The doctor walked…

Television with a cracked LCD screen. (Photo via Getty Images)

8:30AM, July 15th, 2121.

“Wake up.” A soft voice filled the room.

He opened his eye. The sun shined through the glass ceiling. It is sunny out. He thought, but he couldn’t tell. Is it really a glass ceiling? He couldn’t tell either. The natural light filled the room, and he was staring into the sun, but the sunlight wasn’t hurting his eyes. Out of the side of his eyes, he saw a camera, staring at him as if it were alive. Oh, right. …

Ok Google, what is ubicomp? As a field that is almost as wide as the name suggest, ubiquitous computing is hard to define for anyone new to the field. Through reading a research study: Ok Google, What Am I Doing? Acoustic Activity Recognition Bounded by Conversational Assistant Interactions, I am able to re-examine the technology prevalent to my daily life, and thinking through some of the challenges in the field in the future.

Citation for the podcast:

Rebecca Adaimi, Howard Yong, and Edison Thomaz. 2021. Ok Google, What Am I Doing? Acoustic Activity Recognition Bounded by Conversational Assistant Interactions. Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol. 5, 1, Article 2 (March 2021), 24 pages. DOI:

Tuesday night, I was in a conversation with Will, my housemate. We just finished dinner, and we started on the topic of China. Being an citizen of China, I’ve always been defending my country whether the attack is on its economic and economic development tactics or alleged human rights violations, but it was getting harder day by day. I was running out of explanations.

I am a lucky guy. My co-op got canceled before winter term 2020 even ended, so I had plenty of time to switch my plan of study and started classes for spring. Drexel’s quarter system means…

Run, Forrest, run.

Run, run, Rudolf.

Run for your life.

What else?

Run is such a powerful word, and such a powerful action. It is one of the two essentials of survival: fight or flight, which means running away from the troubles. It is also one of the bravest thing a man can do. Run into the unknown, run towards the challenges.

People run for different reason. Jiachao, a friend of mine from China, runs as part of his triathlon quest. He won several medals in the Paralympics, not he is training for a new program, triathlon. …

I’ve been thinking good and bad, or rather, what is good and what is bad. Isn’t it a highly philosophical question? One of my philosophy professors argued that this is a question about morality, but in my own experience, it is about the very essence of humanity. How you determine good and bad says so much about who you are, what have you been through, and where you will be.

We treasure the memories from grade schools, well, at least most of us do. But why? Grade school is not a paradise. Sure you don’t need to ever worry about…

I got out of almost all my equity positions on Monday, and I was not happy. It was my parents that pressured me into unloading everything. The only positions I have now is some energy that I have already lost quite a bit of money. There’s no leverage in those positions so I’m just going to let it ride. I did get into USO ETF last week about two days after the negative contracts. Today, I am re-evaluating the strategy.

One of my professor said: “I don’t understand what is going on with the oil market anymore. What is it…

As the title suggests, I think the market is going a little nuts today. Why? We are poised to finish the best month since 1974 according to CNBC. Tell you what, the US GDP dropped 4.8% Q1 2020, worse than the (3.6%) expectation. April Consumer Confidence Index is near a six year low, dropping by over 30 points compare with March. Yet, somehow, Tesla eked out profit, and the market rose so much. From a intuitive, fundamental standpoint, it is simply unsustainable.

So long, let’s see what happens in the next couple of days.

Speaking of, I have finished my…

Tony Wu

Diligent student finding his way to live the best life. Learning never stops, growing never stops.

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